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Right from helping my family in its small trading business (without a store) while still studying and continuously climbing the ladder upwards, from being an assistant in a small photocopy shop (during my vacation in school), brokering on car rentals, travelling abroad to join a lawyers firm as an office assistant, working in PR for a multinational, starting up new ventures for another company I was working with, becoming a full-time real estate professional, venturing into own startups in Beauty Saloon, Real Estate and Events Management. I had seen all the ups and downs of making and living a life for an Ordinary Man.

What was once a Taboo “Jack of Everything.. Master in None!!!” has now become a profession for a lucky few like me.

 Being a “Jack of Everything!” made me work and know about almost everything and this knowledge led me to the realization that ‘the most important invention of Mankind may have been the “Wheel” but the most useful must definitely be the “Bridge!!!”, cause without which it would have been difficult for the Man to have reached the “Wheel”.

Millions of Inventions, Products, Services (“The Wheels”) in this world awaits further millions of Demands, wants and Hunger for more Invention (“The Man”) in this same world.

“Knowledge, experience, hard-work with the right tools from the right place will turn all Wheels”.

This Portal is a sincere effort to be the “Tool” in “Bridging the Gap” between the “Man and the Wheel” by “Broadening ones Horizon” and directing the right “Wheel” to the right “Man” and Vice Versa!!!


Sameer Ali

Founder & Director