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DETOUR Event Management has been inspired by our personal experience of outdoor activities. A passion to create opportunities of adventure, learning and exploring has lead to the development of a unique sports concept for the local community. All our events deliver an unusual exciting combination of entertainment, fitness , challenge and competitiveness. Participants must travel from start to finish, following guidelines through various detour adventures on the way. They must pass physical & mental activities en-route and at pit stops. All pit stops also pose challenging mental and physical activities that will truly test your abilities so that you can not only experience the exhilaration of success at the end of your journey but also have utilized your mind and body to its ultimate capacity in order to get there. We facilitate our program with an array of events that cater to people from various societies and cultural backgrounds. Depending on the nature of the particular DETOUR event, different kinds of transport will be used, ranging from cars to bikes to public transport. This provides everyone a chance to be a part of this community-building event, socialize with like-minded individuals, experience new activities and most importantly; explore different areas of U.A.E! Our main objective is to create timeless memories for all our participants and we look forward to welcoming families, couples, friends and children to participate in our events, explore the UAE & happy hunting!!